Germany Employment Visa (Work Permit) from India - Immigrate To Germany from India

Germany Employment Visa (Work Permit) from India

A work permit (or Employment VISA/Work VISA) is the one which allows you to work in Germany for a stipulated period of time. This VISA comes under the category of German National VISA.

Germany is a technologically advanced nation, which has a shortage of skilled professionals, especially doctors and engineers. IT and Healthcare are booming in Germany, and because of the skill shortage, Germany has a lot to offer for Skilled and Highly Skilled professionals.

We will talk about all the rules and regulations around Germany's Work Permit, which is also called Work VISA or Employment VISA, and how YOU, sitting in India can get a job in Germany & experience the wonderful life in Europe.

Firstly, you may have heard a lot about the statement that "Germany has a shortage of Skilled Professionals, particularly IT Engineers and Doctors". While it is true to full extent - it does not mean that German Employers will blindly give a job offer to anyone who falls in their way. Having first hand experience, interviews by German Employers are much tougher than their Indian counterparts - so prepare well. We will talk about all these points in detail. 

I would also recommend NOT to consult any money-hogging consultants. They would just extract money from you and give you the same information which is available on the internet and also, on this blog. I have experienced the whole process myself and have consolidated all the information you need - right here on this blog and for FREE.

1. Creating a Resume - A Resume decides whether a recruiter will approach you or not. While this may seem obvious and most of you already have one, DO NOT make the mistake of ignoring this article as it has a lot of tips and tricks to get your profile noticed and even get approached. Believe me, I have done this - and creating a powerful resume in a way that German Employers want is really important. Read More....

2. Creating a Cover Letter - A cover letter represents you on the field of job hunters. Make sure you have a brief but emphasizing Cover Letter to get your profile noticed by EU employers. Read More...

3. VISA Appointment
- If you do not know already, getting a VISA appointment is a huge pain! Your employer may want you to join in August - but you VISA appointment is in September! What to do in this case? I have explained all the tips and tricks to get around this. Read More....

4. Finding a Job from India: A lot of people would recommend you that "you have to be in Germany before you apply for a job" OR "no recruiter will even view your application if you are in India". I would say, all of these statements are totally FALSE. I have applied for multiple jobs from India and have got replies from multiple recruiters. The company which I am currently working for in Germany gave me the offer letter while I was in India and they actually helped me in providing all the documentation for my VISA. So, its entirely possible. Read More...

5. Applying for a Work VISA: If you have followed the processes mentioned in the above articles, the hardest part is done, and you have now found a job and you have a VISA appointment with the embassy. Now all you have to do is gather your documentation and go to the embassy. This part is very important because at this point nothing should go wrong. A wrong or missing document and you may not get another appointment soon - and you may lose your job. Read More...

If you have diligently and patiently till now - your VISA would now be stamped and you may be planning to move to Germany.

Depending on a lot of scenarios, you can apply for a Blue Card, which is a 4-year residential permit to work in whole of EU. We will discuss more about this in future sections. From India, you cannot apply for a Blue Card, you have to go through the work permit process first. Blue Card can be applied from EU only.

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