EMP#04 - How to get an appointment for German Work Permit? - Part 2 - Immigrate To Germany from India

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

EMP#04 - How to get an appointment for German Work Permit? - Part 2

Now that you know your jurisdiction where you lie, you can now book an appointment. You can book an appointment online OR call them and book an appointment.
In case you are booking an appointment on call - please keep your passport handy as they will ask details from your passport like passport number, expiry date etc. The phone number for appointments is: 022-67866013

If you are booking an appointment online, you can go to this LINK-> https://india.diplo.de/in-en/service/05-VisaEinreise/-/1987006

Scroll down to see "Appointments for German National VISAs".Click on the corresponding link for your jurisdiction and book an appointment online. 
If you have trouble navigating the website, please note that you are applying for Long Term National VISA. So, there may be links saying "Long Term Visa" or "National VISA".

For me, It was Delhi Embassy, so here are the steps to book the appointment from Delhi:-

1. From the above link, I clicked on "German Embassy, New Delhi"
2. Then, I landed onto another page, which had a link for "Long Term Appointment Scheduling". A new page opened.
3. On this new page, there was another link, which said "Appointment Online". I clicked on it. THIS is the shortcut link to this page. (If you are in Delhi jurisdiction, you can click THIS LINK directly). The following screen opened.

4. If you already have the login credentials, then you can login. OR if you are seeing this website for the first time, click on "NEW USER". This will take you to a registration page, which looks like:-

4. Fill-in the details and click Submit.
5. This will register your account. The website may send a verification email to your email id. Please verify it. If you have not received it, check Spam/Junk folder.
6. Once this is done, return back to the login page from THIS LINK.
7. Login with your credentials you just created. You will see a new screen. Click on "Schedule Appointment" on this new screen.
8. You will see the following screen. Select Purpose of Travel as "National VISA/Student VISA" and Select Visa subcategory as "Employment".

On clicking on the link "Click here to know the earliest available date" - you can also view the earliest possible date for this category of VISA.
Click Continue. You will see the following screen.

9. Click on "Add Applicant". Fill in your details very carefully and click submit.
10. The applicant will be updated with your details. Click Continue.
11. You will be presented with a calendar like below:-

Click on the ">" key beside the month name until you see the green-colored dates, which mean available dates. Once you click on one of the dates, you will see a time slot in upper right corner of the page. Select a time-slot when you want to go, and click Confirm. I would recommend you to book an early slot (preferably 08:15).

Once you click confirm, your appointment will be booked and you will receive a confirmation mail with an attached PDF containing the appointment details. Take two printouts of that email and go to the respective consulate/embassy.

Now that you have booked your appointment, lets go on to see, how to find, apply and prepare for jobs!


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