EMP#03 - How to get an appointment for German Work Permit? - Part 1 - Immigrate To Germany from India

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

EMP#03 - How to get an appointment for German Work Permit? - Part 1

If you have researched a little bit, getting an embassy appointment for a German Work Permit is really a pain. The wait time may range from 2 to 3 months depending on where you are living in India.

Whether you have already found a JOB or not, It is a good idea to secure an appointment RIGHT NOW. Now you must be wondering, if I do not have a job, what would i do with an appointment?
The answer is simply two reasons:

  1. Suppose you start booking an appointment today, you will get a date of roughly 3 months later. For example, currently, its June 13, 2018 and the next available appointment is around October 3, 2018. Which is roughly 3.5 months. If you don't book an appointment now, and book one when you get a job, then you will have to wait another 3.5 months and your employer may not be willing to give you 3.5 months. On the other hand, if you book an appointment today (for October) and you get a job in next two months (say, August), you already have an appointment in around 30-40 days - which your employer will easily wait for.
  2. Let's say, your employer is really cool and gives you 3.5 months to join, and something goes wrong at the appointment (you left a document at home) and your VISA application is not accepted. In this case, you will have to re-apply. If you want to re-apply, then you have wait for another 3.5 months. Your employer will not wait for that long.
NOTE: Appointments are hard to get. Please do not block appointments if you are not willing to attend or you are not serious. Other serious applicants may be impacted because you have booked an appointment which you don't plan to attend. Please be responsible.

An important question which may be popping up in your head, how is it possible to find a job within 3 months? See, if you have an impressive Resume, are good at your job, your degree matches the job you are looking for and have prepared well for interviews, you may as well land up with MULTIPLE JOB OFFERS within 1 month. We will discuss on this "getting-the-job" process in further articles.

Which City should you get an appointment from?
German embassy is present in Delhi and some other states have their consulates in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. You can get an appointment only for the state where you have been residing for the last 6 months. For example, your permanent address is Delhi, but you have been living in Bangalore for 1 year, you have to get an appointment for Bangalore Consulate. If you go to Delhi Embassy, they will reject your application. Also, I would recommend not to lie about your residential status, because if you are caught, the chances of getting a VISA again (any Schengen country) may become tough.

Click HERE to know which German consulate you should go to!

Let's talk about the kind of Work VISA appointments you can get. Well, to be precise, there are two:-

Types of Work VISA Appointments
Embassy/Consulate Appointment VFS Appointment
Waiting Time: 2-3 months Waiting time: 1-2 working days
For All Work VISA Cases ONLY for Job Offers with ZAV Letter
Application submitted at Embassy Application Submitted at VFS, and they pass-it on to the embassy after verification.
Facility available in all major states Facility available only in Delhi and Mumbai

If you have not yet started looking for a job yet, don't get confused about ZAV. We will discuss it in the later articles. For now, you have to go ahead with the Embassy/Consulate appointment. Click on NEXT on the bottom of the page to read Part - II of booking an appointment.

If you have a job offer in hand and have a valid ZAV Letter, you can straightaway go for the VFS appointment which is easier to get. This appointment is available only for Delhi Embassy (online) and Mumbai Consulate (by call) only. If you belong to Delhi jurisdiction, you can book it online, by the steps mentioned HERE. If you belong to Mumbai, you have to call them and book on call (Keep your passport handy. They will ask details from your passport). You have to tell them that you have a ZAV Approval Letter and want to book an appointment with VFS for employment VISA.

If you have an offer letter but don't know what is ZAV or why is it required, how you can obtain it, you can have a look HERE.


  1. Thank you very much for your valuable information. can you help me in finding out more detail on Germany visa

  2. Hi Monis,

    You have mentioned like "You can get an appointment only for the state where you have been residing for the last 6 months. "

    My native is Tamilnadu and since last six month i am in shanghai china,
    And i have job offer from Germany employer and i will travel back to India by September end to apply for Visa and travel to Germany.

    So in my case what is the option to apply for visa in German consulate,chennai , what other documents should i provide because i was not in tamilnadu for past six months.

    Or I should wait for six month?

    Could you please share your suggestions in this regards?



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