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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

EMP#01 - How to create a Resume or CV for Germany?

If you have a desire to work in Germany or any other country of European Union, you must have a resume or CV which is acceptable to your recruiters. Along with your CV, you must also have a Cover Letter which is required by most of potential employers.
Most of the German recruiters screen your job application on the basis of your cover letter. If they find it appealing - they may have a look at your resume and approach you for interviews! Therefore, it is very important to focus on these two points.

If you are serious about applying for jobs in Germany, you have to understand that Cover Letter and Resume are the basic building blocks of you application. If you make these carelessly - you will never get noticed, and therefore, never get a job. 

Before creating the CV, you need the following:

1. A Photograph: Germans often prefer CVs with photographs. It is not a mandate, but its always good to have. I would highly recommend you to get yourself clicked by a good photo studio, preferably who does VISA photographs for Germany. You would need these photos anyway when you are applying for a VISA - so why not get clicked now? 
These are the official photo specifications by the German Embassy (Click HERE). You do not have to carry this PDF printout with you. Just briefly have a look at it and go to a studio which specializes in Germany VISA photos. There are plenty. Make sure those photos align with the PDF. Apart from the hard copies (Get around 16), also ask for a scanned copy and keep it in your computer to put on your CV.

2. German Address: This is a very important trick of the trade. Having a German address on your resume makes your application get noticed by a lot of recruiters. Your chances of getting an interview would increase drastically. Once you get an interview and ace it - you can tell them that this is a temporary hotel that you have booked for future and hence you put in that address. If they are impressed by your interview - this would not matter to them. However, if you put-in an Indian address, you may not get an interview and hence, the chances of convincing them to hire you decrease drastically.
Click HERE to know how to obtain a German address without spending a penny.

Different CVs for different JOBS
Now that you have these two things, let's move on to understand how to create a CV.
Firstly, when you are applying for jobs in Germany - you may be finding a job among different roles. For example - If you have experience in Java (back-end technology) and Angular JS (front-end technology) both; then it would be a good idea to create different versions of your CVs - one focusing on JAVA, other focusing on Angular and another focusing on both.
These different CVs may come in handy, when you are applying for different jobs. For example, for a job description which  requires primarily Java experience, it would be a good idea to submit your Java CV. However, if a job description describes about full-stack Java Developer, then it would be a good idea to submit a CV which showcases your experience in Java, Angular and other things as well.

CV Structure & Content
There are a lot of online tools to create a good CV, but it is you who has to fill-in the content. A popular website which I use is https://lebenslauf.com/
Through this website, you can create a German format CV for free. It has a lot of templates and you can choose any one. 

Now that you have got this sorted, let's talk about the content. Your CV content should be crisp, tight and very concise. Nobody likes to read long CVs with all the unnecessary information in it.

Section#1: Your Personal Details
There is a lot which could come in the personal details, but we will keep it concise. Make sure you have the following in the Personal Section:
  • A photograph: It is not mandatory, but certainly good to have as we discussed above.
  • Your full name: This one goes without saying
  • Your email: Very important. Provide a professional email. Emails like coolguy82@gmail.com are a strict NO-NO. A good email address could be something like scarlett.johannson_89@gmail.com
  • Your Address: Your German address as obtained above.
  • Experience: A short and crisp headliner (e.g. 6+ years in software development). This line could change based on which version of resume are you creating. For example, If the Job Description is for Java, you could simply write 6+ years in Java Platforms.
  • Place of Birth: Write in your City, India.
  • Residencial Status (OPTIONAL): Use this, if you are already in Germany on a Job Seeker's VISA or a Work Permit or Blue Card. If you are in India and applying jobs from India, skip this field.
  • German Skill (OPTIONAL): If you know German, you can specify the level of German you know (A1,A2,B1 etc.). If you don't speak German, skip this one out.

The starting part of your CV should now look like:-

Section#2: Professional Experience

Your professional experience should contain a list of all the companies you have worked for in the past with the time duration. The detail of each company is not required in detail, but YES one or two lines of your roles, responsibilities and technology stack/skill should be mentioned. For example, "As a technology lead, I have lead the implementation of XYZ project with a team of 20+ people for building an application based on Java, Broadleaf Commerce and React". Similarly you have to write the content for each company you have worked for.

Section#3: Education

This section should contain your degrees/diplomas and other courses you have done along with their duration in the correct order.

For example:
2010-2014 - Delhi Technological University, B.Tech (Computer Science)
2016 - 2018 - <Some other course>

Section #4: Knowledge and Skill
Under this section, you have to specify the skills/technology/frameworks/databases you have experience in. It may look something like:-

Section #5: Achievements
This may be the last section, but it is very important. If you have contributed to an open source project, or an active problem-solver on StackOverflow or have an amazing rank on HackerRank or have projects on GitHub - write it here. Any kind of professional achievement in line with your qualification would qualify. Please DONT put-in any useless content like "Student Coordinator for placement cell in college". It gives an immature impression of your resume.

As your CV is created successfully - read on to find how you can CREATE A COVER LETTER for your application.


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    1. Go for LinkedIn, stepstone.de, berlinstartupjobs.com and monster.de

  2. Is there any scope of English teachers in Germany from third world countries. I have done MPhil in English Language Teaching. I also know German language too.kindly guide me.


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